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1938  Corcoran Gallery, Washington D.C., Student Show (1st Prize)

1946  First solo show, Washington, D.C. City Library 

1948  United Nations Club Gallery, Washington, D.C. (solo) 

1953  Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C. (group) 

1958  Tucson Art Center, Festival Exhibition (purchase award) 

1959  Desert Art Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona (solo) 

1961  Rosewell Museum of Art, New Mexico (invitation group) 

1964  Tucson Art Center (solo) 

          Phoenix Art Museum (solo) 

          Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C. (invitational) 

1965  Yares Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona (solo) (semi-annual shows 1966-1982) 

          California Legion of Honor, San Francisco (invitational) 

1967  Mickelson Gallery, Washington, D.C. (4 women) 

1972  Phoenix Art Museum, "Museum Collection" 

1974  "Five Significant Years"- statewide touring solo exhibition 

1975  Tucson Museum of Art; "Woman/Art" 

           Phoenix Art Museum, "Invitational '75" 

           10th Southwestern Invitational, Yuma Pine Arts Center 

1977  Cannel & Chaffin Gallery, La Jolla, California (group) 

1979  Phoenix Art Museum, "Gottlieb's Contemporaries" 

1980  "Dorothy Fratt: 1970-1980", Scottsdale Center for the Arts 

1981  "4 Women", Carson-Sapiro Gallery, Denver/ Colorado 

1982  Yares Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona (solo) 

1984  Yares Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona (solo) 

1985  Thomas Babcor Gallery, La Jolla, California (solo) 

1986  University of Arizona, Joseph (Gross) Gallery (solo) 

          Yuma Symposium, Lecturing Artist and Exhibitor 

1987  Tempe Arts Center-Masters Choice: Dorothy Fratt Invites Claribel Cone 

           Yares Gallery (group) 

1988  Tucson Museum of Art (group) 

1995  Yares Gallery, "Many Voices, Paintings from the Nineties" 

          Scottsdale January 12-31, 1995 

          Santa Fe March 17-April 8, 1995 

2008  Yares Gallery, Scottsdale 

2017  Reyes Gallery Mountain Shadows, July 1 - August 26

2017  Cattletrack Gallery Memorial, November 19

2018-19  Museum Art Plus, Donaueschingen, Germany

2019  John Reyes Gallery Mountain Shadows, March 6 - April 30

2019  Palm Springs Art Museum, Permanent Collection Show

2019  Ameen Art Gallery, Nicholls State University, September 9-27

2020  Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, "Unapologetic: All Women, All

Year", February 15, 2020 - January 31, 2021

2020  Yares Art, New York City, "Leap of Color", February 29 - September 18

2020  Stadtische Galerie in der Reithalle | Paderborn, Germany, March 29 - July 12


Phoenix Art Museum 

Tucson Museum of Art 

IBM Corporation 

Vesti Corporation 

Burlington Northern, Seattle, WA 

General Electric Corporation 


Arizona State University 

Midland Federal Savings, Denver, Colorado 

Statewide Savings, Chicago, Illinois 

Continental Grain Corp., New York, New York 

Exeter Drilling/ Inc., Denver, Colorado 


Museum of Northern Arizona 

Museum Art Plus, Donaueschingen, Germany

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts

Corcoran Museum, Washington, D.C.

New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe

Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs

Hilliard Museum, Lafayette, LA

Stadtische Galerie in der Reithalle, Paderborn, Germany

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